ACCEPTme are selective with the clients we work with. We employ a consultative approach to sourcing and onboarding new companies wishing to host interns and also manage and mentor LIVE projects. These measures are put in place to ensure host organisations are wishing to engage with our candidates in a fair and equitable manner, as well as offering ongoing mentorship opportunity during the placement.

Registering with our online portal will allow host companies a unique way of project managing internship projects and also communicating with matched candidates. This eases the burden of multiple communication platforms therefore keeping the internship for the individuals succinct and streamlined.

Internships are one of the most valuable solutions to sourcing committed, enthusiastic and motivated individuals to your team. In a growing global economy and constantly changing environment, the diversity of adding interns to your business can add rapid growth to your business culture.

This also is a fiscally sensitive approach allowing businesses to growth their teams without the added pressure of large recruitment fees. Utilise an intern to kick-start  internal projects or simply impart your sector knowledge and acumen to shape the next generation of talent.

We look forward to working with you.

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LIVE Projects completed in 2020​


Our strength lies in partnering with students, graduates, agents and education providers both locally and globally to ensure we are offering
the very best industry talent to support your business. Contact us to find out how we can support your business.


ACCEPTme have scope to cover all areas of the market. We have placed candidates in aerospace all the way through to Accounting. Send us a message via the Contact Us page and we will be in touch with you.

Internships are 12 weeks in length and part-time. LIVE projects can range between 12-24 weeks depending on the candidates academic requirements, units of competency and other factors, such as complexity of the project etc.

The standard ratio for onsite placement and supervision is 3:1. Maximum of three interns per 1 qualified supervisor onsite.

Due to the different framework with LIVE projects, businesses can have access to upwards of 5 candidates per project team.

Candidates that join our service directly are subject to mandatory enrollment into accredited COVID-19 units of study.

Candidates managed by us on behalf of one of our education partners partake in COVID-19 protocols with the education institute.

Internships are unpaid endeavors that candidates undertake to gain relevant industry knowledge and experience ensuring they are up with the latest business technologies and trends. Candidates are well aware that this experience in unpaid, however their is an expectation that they will gain the best knowledge during their tenure and support from their supervisor.

Imparting your know knowledge, skills and expertise is treated as ‘payment-in-kind’ for the candidate, so please ensure you are there to guide them on their learning journey.

Companies engaging with Interns wishing to continue the relationship post placement are welcome too. We can support discussions between the candidate and the employer to ensure a fair outcome is reached for both parties. 

We do this at no cost!

Our team of experts have come from the education and recruitment sectors. Having owned our own businesses, we recognise the impact employee retention and talent sourcing can have for a business.

We have a desire to support youth with their careers and develop the next generation of industry experts, therefore ACCEPTme acts as the conduit between youth and industry engagement. We can support with talent sourcing, advertising, project scoping, pre-screening and onboarding. 

Essentially we are the one-stop-shop for internship placement needs and post-placement care.