LIVE projects are a framework that allow candidates from local Cities to remote areas of the country to work in small teams developing a solution for a client. Projects cover research, scoping, development and implementation of a solution, all while working hand in hand with a host company guiding the final solution.

Our framework encompasses small student teams to participate on a specific project structure to ensure learning coherency is maintained and candidates have the very best opportunity for success possible.

Students present their final project solution at the end of their placement therefore increasing this capacity for ongoing opportunity with the client and their team.


The benefits to what LIVE Projects can offer candidates are numerous. Through offering thousands of internship opportunities over the years, we have witnessed the changes in industry and how trends have shifted around employee management and retention.

LIVE projects are the best way for candidates to increase their professional capabilities and soft-skills, whilst working on meaningful and varied project opportunities with valid industry partners. Candidates can expect the following:

  • Increased confidence and communication skills
  • Understanding the importance of timeliness and meeting business deadlines
  • Development of practical skills in project management, documentation management, scheduling and team building
  • Working with senior management and officials from professional organisations
  • Understanding business needs and how this translates to project development and opportunity
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