LMT reports are reports required by home affairs to support the talent acquisition process to demonstrate that all attempts have been made (advertising, hiring selection via Social Media etc.) to employ a local person for a vacant position prior to hiring someone from overseas origin.

Reports document detail about hiring methods, locations, and other ways that local people have been attracted to a position, therefore the hiring company has opted to employ someone on a Visa from overseas that fills the specifics of the role.

For ACCEPTme to accurately complete an LMT report, we will require information about the advertising that has taken place, nature of the advertisements, as well as other recruitment efforts that have been pursued in the last 6 months in trying to source talent for this role.


A full breakdown of what must be submitted to us to successfully complete a LMT report is shown below by clicking the link. Click here to view LMT requirements as directed by Home Affairs.

  • Skills and candidate matrix mapping relevant skills vs. the candidate employed to further demonstrate their suitability and why you opted for offshore sourcing.
  • Candidate pre-screening, interviews, reference checks and consulting as needed
  • Comprehensive report drafted for your approval
  • Creating of compliant advertisements
  • Assistance with listing roles on relevant job boards and portals.
  • Shortlisting eligible candidates referencing their suitability for the role